City Council Overrides Planning Commission's Decision

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Sheridan City Councilor Ryan Mulholland
Sheridan City Councilor Ryan Mulholland

The Sheridan City Council Monday night considered an appeal regarding the Planning and Zoning Commission's denial of a building permit for a light manufacturing building to be constructed on the Hi-Tech Business Park in north Sheridan.

City Staff pointed out in a presentation to the Council that the building has met all of the requirements of the Entryway Corridor; Gateway Zoning District; and the Hi-Tech business Park Master Plan. Staff also presented the changes that the developer has made to accommodate several concerns that were raised by the Design and Review Board.

The Council voted unanimously to override the Planning Commission's denial of the building and the project will continue as planned. Councilor Ryan Mulholland.

The building measures 307' x 151'. The developer of the building is White Hat LLC, who's principal office is based in Centennial, Colorado.