City Planning Commission Says No to Hi-Tech Building

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City of Sheridan Planning Commission Member Nancy Silla
City of Sheridan Planning Commission Member Nancy Silla

The City of Sheridan Planning Commission voted 2-3 in opposition of a proposed light manufacturing building that would be located at the City's Hi-Tech Park in north Sheridan. Planning Commissioner Nancy Silla was one of the three members that voted against the building design; she explains some of the reasons for doing so.

Commissioner Kay Pearson agreed with Silla, calling the building “a massively long and ugly building” as it measures 307' x 151'.

Of the five Planning Commission members that were present at the meeting, Commissioners Alex Lee and Wayne Blank were the only members to vote in favor of the building. City of Sheridan Planning Director Robert Briggs explains what's next for the developer.

Briggs also said that the developer my elect to appeal the Planning Commission's decision to the City Council, which is something that the Council addresses on a case-by-case basis. Briggs said that the developer is White Hat LLC.