City Receives Fiber Connectivity Report

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Consultant Joe Sharkey (Photo by Ron Richter)

The Wyoming Business Council hired TMNG Global's Telecommunications and Data Center Consultant Joe Sharkey to conduct a statewide infrastructure assessment, with the primary purpose focusing on the potential to recruit data centers to Wyoming. Sharkey performed the assessment between September of 2011 and February of 2012.

Earlier this summer, Sheridan, Buffalo and Gillette had Sharkey take a deeper look at each city to determine if data centers could be recruited to the area. In late July, we reported on a meeting where Sharkey informed key stakeholders that Sheridan was ready to begin attracting small data centers to the area.

During Monday night's Sheridan City Council meeting, Sharkey, via teleconference, gave his report to the Council and said that while the fiber connectivity is pretty good in the area, there's work to be done if Sheridan wants to attract the larger data centers.

Sharkey also stated during his report that there are 17 other states that are currently in the process of attracting data centers. Buffalo Mayor Randy Dyess addressed the Council and talked about Sheridan, Buffalo and Gillette working together to improve the fiber situation in northeast Wyoming.

Sharkey added that Sheridan's best location right now for attracting a large or very large data center would be just east of Interstate 90 on 5th Street in the East Ridge Road area. He said that the power, fiber and water access make it the most viable location.