Cleaning Up After the Storm

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City of Sheridan Public Works Director Nic Bateson (Photo Ron Richter ©)

Snow removal crews with the City of Sheridan have been busy cleaning up after the Christmas storm that pretty much shut down much of northeast Wyoming.

City Public Works Director Nic Bateson said that early Tuesday morning their new snowblower broke down, causing a slight change of plans regarding snow removal in the downtown area. He said that’s why much of the snow downtown Tuesday was left windrowed in the middle of the streets. He added that prior to experiencing several equipment issues, the snow removal process was hampered by the high winds that accompanied the storm on Sunday.

Bateson said that crews are expected to face another challenge throughout the week.

Bateson said the City is always looking for feedback from the community regarding snow removal issues or concerns.

The number to the City Service Center is 674-4112.