Clerk Discusses District Court Issues With Commission

Clerk Of District Court Thelma Axberg came before the Johnson County Commissioners at their last meeting to discuss some minor issues concerning her office.

Axberg said her office had purchased a copy machine earlier this year and they have extra supplies for their old machine.
She requested approval to donate the $500 to $600 in supplies to Sheridan College in Johnson County, who uses the same copy machine her office just replaced.
The Commissioners approved her to do so.

She brought up the parking lot drainage issue on the side lot between the judicial center and the City Yard, wanting to know if something could be done to improve drainage there. Road and Bridge Supervisor Scott Pehringer had discussed getting the area re-graded and paved and sloped away from the building to the two sewer drains in the alleyway. The commissioners will discuss getting the work done with Pehringer.

Axberg also requested permission to order and install room numbers at the judicial center, saying it is not easy to direct the public where they need to be with unmarked rooms.
The commissioners approved the request.