College Board Candidates Discuss Funding

Though they don't always get as many headlines as the larger races, there are many contests in this upcoming election that could significantly alter, depending on there outcomes, the future of our local communities.

This week, the candidates running for the open seats on the Northern Wyoming Community College Board of Trustees were guests on Public Pulse. Five of the candidates are competing for the 3 open four-year terms on the board.

In this first part, we'll hear from two of the candidates, Bob Leibrich and Mike Watkins.

Bob Leibrich currently sits on the board. He said during the program that he believes the most immediate problem facing Sheridan College is that enrollment is increasing faster than funding from the state and tuition levels:

Lybrick says he sees three alternative solutions to this problem of increased enrollment and decreased funding:

Mike Watkins is also running for a four-year position on the Sheridan College Board of Trustees. Watkins says he has been a 'little bit disappointed” with some of the answers from the other candidates, saying they are only focused on the short-term:

And when Public Pulse Host Kim Love asked Mr. Watkins why he was running for the College Board, Watkins said it was because he wanted the college to be the “best it could be”:

There was one thing both Watkins and Lybrick definitely agreed on. Both are Certified Public Accountants. And both essentially agreed that having at least one accountant on the board is important in these financially austere times.

Tomorrow, we will hear from the other three candidates running for the four-year term. You can also hear the full interview by going to the Public Pulse archives.