College Board Candidates, Part 2

Though they don't always get as many headlines as the larger races, there are many contests in this upcoming election that could significantly alter, depending on there outcomes, the future of our local communities and schools.

This week, the candidates running for the open seats on the Northern Wyoming Community College Board of Trustees were guests on Public Pulse. Yesterday, we heard from 2 of the 5 candidates competing for the 3 open four-year terms on the board. Today, we'll hear from the other 3.

Candidate Norleen Healy says maintaining a strong academic liberal arts core is one issue she thinks is critical for the board to address:

Also, rapidly increasing enrollment coupled with decreased funding is one of the major issues the NWCC Board will have to deal with in coming years. John Tollakson says how he would approach this issue:

And candidate Jerry Iekel addresses the funding issue: