College Trustees Discuss New WACCT Award

Trustees of the Northern Wyoming Community College District discuss the newest WACCT award. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Trustees of the Northern Wyoming Community College District met Friday to share their thoughts on a new award to be presented next year by the Wyoming Association of Community College Trustees.

Walt Wragge, who chairs the college district board, said the WACCT has annually presented awards to community college trustees, volunteers and other adults. What the organization is now proposing is to present a Transforming Lives award to college students.

Trustees Friday answered questions such as whether selection of the new awards should be tied to the Phi Theta Kappa selection process – they answered no – and whether winners should be named from each community college. They voted yes, one student from each college.

Wragge said the local trustees' answers will be taken to a meeting of the WACCT Transforming Lives Committee in Cheyenne on Feb. 12, and the committee will make final decisions on the award criteria and how nominations will be submitted.

He said the first recipients of the new award will be recognized in February 2021.

Trustees chair Walt Wragge explains the award to others at the meeting. (Photo by Pat Blair)