Commission Approves Grant, Appoints Rolston Chair, Receives Pipeline Update

UPDATE: Local Sheridan County fire departments will receive funds to purchase WyoLink radios and the sheriff's office will be able to replace mobile computers with funds from the Homeland Security office.

A grant of $56,000 for the county was approved Tuesday morning during a meeting of the commission and another grant of $27,000 was approved at the same time, specifically for the sheriff's office. The mobile computers are used in the patrol vehicles and WyoLink is a statewide system designed to coordinate communications between state, local and federal public safety agencies.

The county’s business officer Renee Obermueller provided the details prior to approval of the grants.

She then went on to explain the sheriff’s office grant.

As the start to the meeting, commissioner Bob Rolston was elected to take over the chairman position for the year. And during the meeting, Ranchester Mayor Peter Clark gave an update on the gas pipeline project being proposed by the Tongue River Valley Joint Powers Board. See related story. The link is posted below.