Veterans Exemption, Sale, Closure Announced

A history of the courthouse is displayed in pictures inside the lobby of the new wing. (Photo by Leslie Stratmoen)

Two of the Sheridan County commissioners were guests Wednesday on the Public Pulse news talk show.

One of them was Mike Nickel, who took the opportunity to make announcements. He said the courthouse would be closed Monday in honor of Memorial Day and that’s also the deadline for filing for a veterans’ property tax exemption, which amounts to a little more than $200.

He said the details can be found online on the county website. Coming up in June, he said, is the county garage sale.

That’s on June 13, starting at 7 in the morning. The sale will be set up behind the county attorney’s office on West Burkett. Commissioner Steve Maier (MY-er) was the other commissioner who appeared on the show. He said the county has a couple of openings on county boards, one for the library and the other on the planning and zoning commission.

Both are open seats, he said, which means any county resident is eligible. The description of duties and application can be found on the county’s website --