Commissioners Approve New Detention Officer

Sheridan County commissioners have authorized County Sheriff Allen Thompson to hire a new full-time detention officer.

Action came during the commissioners' meeting with staff Monday. Thompson said the new hire will exceed the budgeted allowance of 21 detention officers, but noted that in fact there are 22 detention officers authorized for the county.

He said 22 have been authorized for the last three years.

Thompson said the quality of applicants for the sheriff's department has also increased exponentially. Thompson said the department lost six people last year, but has only lost four since he's been sheriff. He said the department has only lost two people during the current calendar year.

He said there is an opportunity to bring in the 22nd position that's authorized, and he has someone currently in the wings that has passed all of the testing required. He said the new detention officer could be brought on board probably within the next 30 days.