Commissioners Approve Vouchers, Save Money

Johnson County's Commissioners discussed and then approved vouchers for the first part of the month at their last regular meeting, and managed to find a path to save some money.

The commissioners, still looking for ways to cut corners at every opportunity in response to the bleak outlook for future revenue for the county, discussed their contribution to the Wyoming State Liability Fund, and how they could save money there.

The county had a liability insurance premium set at roughly $51,000 in the state liability pool, with a deductible of $2,000. By setting the deductible at $5,000 the county's premium would be about $46,000.

Also in the vouchers was a request from CASA for their second quarter draw-down from their funding grant, which is managed through the county.

The commissioners approved the vouchers at roughly $897,000 with the changes from the liability pool premium and the CASA draw-down funds.