Commissioners Authorize Funds to Digitize Court Records

Sheridan County commissioners have authorized spending about $257,000 to digitize 90 years of probate and juvenile court records before sending the records to Cheyenne to be archived.

Action came in the commissioners' meeting with county staff Monday morning, with acceptance of a bid from Christi Rolston of Denver to do the work. In a time of tight revenues for the county, Administrative Director Renee Obermueller explained how the project would be funded.

“Nickie” is District Court Clerk Nickie Arney, who presented information to county commissioners in two previous staff meetings and said the project to put the records on computer and send the hard copies to Cheyenne is needed to create space in her office. In an interview with Sheridan Media, Arney said around 9,000 records are involved, dating back to the early 1920s.

Obermueller said the bid includes digitizing all of the juvenile records on-site at Arney's offices in the Sheridan County Courthouse.

Arney said she wanted the juvenile records to be scanned in her offices because those records are confidential.