Commissioners Authorize Hiring in Treasurer's Office

Sheridan County commissioners Monday approved hiring a full-time person in the county treasurer's office to replace an employee who is leaving.

Action came during the commissioners' meeting with staff Monday morning. County Treasurer Pete Carroll said the new hire, who would start around Nov. 1, would replace a deputy county treasurer who's retiring effective Dec. 31. He said that would give the new hire two months for training.

Commissioners approved filling the vacancy by a 4-1 vote but split 2-2 on a request by Carroll to restore a part-time position in his office. The split vote means the motion, made by Commissioner Terry Cram, failed. Steve Maier, who chaired the meeting in the absence of Chairman Bob Rolston, said the issue of a part-time person could be revisited at a later date.

Carroll told commissioners he has five full-time people on his staff, which means if one person is on vacation and another calls in sick, that leaves only three people to handle all the business in his office. Commissioner Tom Ringley, who moved to replace the deputy treasurer, said he didn't see how commissioners could avoid replacing 20 percent of the treasurer's work force.