Commissioners Award Several Project Bids

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Sheridan County Commission Chair Tom RIngley

The Sheridan County Commissioners awarded a couple of bids for upcoming projects at their meeting Tuesday. Sheridan Media's Ron Richter was there and has the story.

Commissioners awarded the bid for the HVAC retrofit project to KWN Construction in the amount of $706,000.The project will upgrade and replace the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning at the Old Courthouse. Commission Chair Tom Ringley.

Plans are to start the project in late April with work on the Circuit Court area of the Courthouse, which will take approximately 60 days to complete.

Estimated completion of the project is 180 days after it begins in late April. Commissioners also awarded the bid for the Dayton Fire Breaks project. The project will consist of clearing trees and brush around the Town of Dayton.

The project was awarded to Norwood Construction out of Sheridan in the amount of $31,215.00.