Commissioners Certify Tax Levies for Year

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County commissioners certified tax levies for this fiscal year in a meeting Monday. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Sheridan County commissioners officially approved mill levies for the county, the municipalities and school districts along with special assessments for the county's special districts during their staff meeting Monday.

Mill levies are for the fiscal year that started on July 1 and are the same as for last year. That includes a total of 12 mills for the county and 8 mills each for the city of Sheridan and the towns of Dayton, Ranchester and Clearmont.

The county assesses 5.5 mills for Sheridan College and a 6-mill county-wide school levy.

In addition, the commission also certified levies of 26 mills each for the county's three school districts, 25 for operations and one mill each for recreation. An additional one mill was authorized for Sheridan County School District 1 for the two BOCHES that the district is part of.

The commission certified 3 mills for each of the county's six fire districts – Big Horn, Dayton, Story, Tongue River, Arvada-Clearmont and the Sheridan Area Rural Fire District – and 2 mills for the Sheridan County Weed and Pest Control District.

The pest control district receives one mill for operations and one mill for control of leafy spurge.

Also approved were assessments for several special districts, including $21,100 for Woodland Hills South, just under $7,700 for Woodland Hills North, just under $12,800 for Parker Draw, $35,700 for Don Ena Estates and just under $565,550 for Downer. No assessments are levied for Home Ranch and Jeffries Draw.

There are five irrigation districts in the county, but no assessments are levied for High Line Ditch and Spring Draw. Assessments are $87,800 for Park Reservoir, $25,000 for Lower Clear Creek and $41,000 for Piney & Cruse Creek.

There is one water district in the county, Wild Rose Water Irrigation, but no assessments are levied.

County Assessor Paul Fall, at table on left, was on hand to answer commissioners' questions. (Photo by Pat Blair)