Commissioners Consider Quarry Permit Renewals

Sheridan County Commissiners Mike Nickel, left, and Bob Rolston (Photo Ron Richter ©)

Four quarry permit renewals were considered by the Sheridan County Commissioners at their regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday. All but one, the JC Ranch Quarry, passed with little or no discussion. Paul Del Rossi, who lives near the JC Ranch Quarry, voiced concerns about the 20 year length of the permit that was being requested, and dust suppression on Beaver Creek Road near his residence.

Commissioners took care of the dust problem by agreeing to extend the application of magnesium chloride further to the west to help suppress the dust near Del Rossi’s home. After a prolonged discussion about the length of the permit, Commissioners voted in favor of renewing the permit for the 20 years that had been requested. Commission Chair Bob Rolston said that if any issues arose about the quarry throughout the 20 years, the Commission has the authority to bring the owner and operator of the quarry back before the board.

The JC Ranch Quarry is located approximately three-and-a-half miles west of Big Horn.