Commissioners Hear Conservation District Report

Response to a social indicator survey regarding Goose Creek was disappointing, Carrie Rogaczewski told Sheridan County commissioners Tuesday morning.

Rogaczewski is manager of the Sheridan County Conservation District, and her comments were part of her quarterly report to commissioners on the Conservation District's activities.

She told commissioners the response wasn't as good as the Conservation District had hoped, and a consultant who's currently going through the responses may recommend resending the survey to get more responses from larger landowners in the county.

Other issues Rogaczewski addressed included providing a pet waste station in the area of the Kleenburn ponds. She said the district could use grant funds to buy, install and, possibly, maintain a waste station. She said another idea is to install a sign about the Tongue River watershed on the site, similar to one the district has installed in Sheridan for Goose Creek.

Rogaczewski also talked about the Conservation District's budget which, this year, is around $490,000.

She said the district's general operating funds are pretty close to last year's budget. She told commissioners the district also had interviews Monday with candidates to replace Amy Doke, who recently left her position as program specialist for the district.