Commissioners Rescind County Fire Ban

Johnson County's Commissioners have voted to rescind the partial fire ban on all county-owned properties that have been in effect since mid-July.

County Fire Warden Tom “Tiddle” Camino came before the commissioners Tuesday to seek the lift of the partial fire ban.

“Tiddle” said the BLM was also wanting to rescind the fire ban on their lands, and that Sheridan and Campbell Counties were looking to hang on to their partial fire bans until mid-October.

The Resolution passed by the commissioners in July closed all state, county and private lands within the county to open fires or other uses which may constitute a serious threat of range or forest fire, with some conditions.
The restrictions applied to all state and private property within the jurisdiction of the county except lands falling under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management, The US Forest Service, or incorporated municipalities.

The restrictions enacted in July and then rescinded Tuesday will be posted and can be viewed on the county's website, and we have provided a link here: