Commissioners Vote for Excel

County Commission Mike Nickel

For the first hour of Tuesday's Sheridan County Commission meeting, commissioners heard public comment on the issue of the bid for the County Road 80 project slated to begin immediately.

Prior to the meeting, commissioners had received a copy of a letter dated May 10th, from Entech Engineer Michael Evans to County Engineer Ken Muller, recommending that the contract bid award go to JEM Construction from Billings, MT, even though Russ Wyant's company, Excel Construction, Inc. of Sheridan had the lowest bid.

Citing concerns from the public and from commissioners over Excel's work on the Big Goose pipeline project, and that “Excel Construction cannot demonstrate a satisfactory record of performance because they have a history of filing numerous claims on their projects,” Evans indicated support for JEM.

Russ Wyant stood before the Commission Tuesday defending his bid and his past work, saying that claims are not necessarily a bad thing, because they show that the company wants to work with the client to get the job done right. With some reservation, commissioners ultimately awarded the bid to Excel. Commissioner Mike Nickel comments.

Ken Muller details the roads and streets comprising County Road 80 and what the project will entail.

Muller stated that they have a very tight time line to complete the project, which is contracted to be completed by October 15th, 2010. He hopes that pipe installation will begin by June 1st.