Conservation District Approves Budget Proposal

Sheridan County Conservation District supervisors approved a proposal to spend just under $490,000 in the year that starts on July 1.

The income for the year, not counting the district's cash reserves, is projected to be just over $480,000. District Manager Carrie Rogaczewski presented the budget at the supervisors' meeting Tuesday night.

Rogaczewski said the budget for next year will not include any funds from the city of Sheridan this year. In the past, the city has contributed $10,000 from contingency funds, but Rogaczewski said she was told by Public Works Director Nic Bateson that, because city funds are down, the city probably won't want to commit any contingency money until after December.

Rogaczewski said the county has asked the district to start paying for supervisor elections. Two supervisors will be elected to the district board in November, so she's included $3,500 in the budget to cover that cost. State funds also have been reduced in the budget for the year ahead.

In other action Tuesday, district supervisors approved an agreement with Cloud Peak Accounting for financial services, at a cost of $2,100, and approved a change in the district's personnel policy. Rogaczewski said the U.S. Geological Survey gauging station on Lower Prairie Dog Creek will be discontinued on July 1.

She said the conservation district has historically used this gauge for water quality sampling, so she has asked if the district can install its own guage on the state-owned site. She said she's currently waiting for an answer.