Conservation District Offers Cost-Share Programs

The Powder River Conservation District is offering two cost-share programs for Kaycee area residents and business owners in hopes to finance environmentally-friendly rural projects.

District manager Anita Bartlett said she and others in the district noticed there were projects that the National Resource Development Foundation had on their plate to develop in the area, but their funding was depleted. So, those at the district decided to do something to help.

She said the first program can be used to finance large-scale environmental projects and the district will match 65 percent of a potential project— for up to $20,000. The projects can include solar pumping units, she said, or fencing areas to reduce impacts of livestock grazing. She said the second program involves promoting soil, water and energy conservation, as well as beautification projects. For this program, she said, the district will match 50 percent of approved projects for up to $1,000. Approved projects include planting trees and shrubs, she said, or installing drip systems for trees and shrubs.

The deadline to turn in applications for either of the programs is July 11. She said those interested must live or have businesses located in southern Johnson County. For more information call 307-738-2321.