Construction and Demolition Trial Program Nears End

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(Photo Ron Richter ©)

In May of 2014, the Sheridan City Council approved a two-year trial program that changed the fees for construction and demolition materials brought to the landfill for disposal. The program allowed for free disposal of grindable construction and demolition materials at the landfill with the purchase of a $40 demolition permit.

Since the trial period of the program is coming to an end, City Solid Waste Superintendent Charles Martineau provided an update to the City Council Monday night at their regular meeting. Martineau said the material brought into the landfill had to be deemed safe and suitable to grind and had to be free of concrete, steel, large rock, asphalt, asbestos, and treated lumber.

Martineau said since the trial program began, 43 permits have been issued.

Martineau said the trial was an overall success.

Martineau pointed out that in order for the program to continue, the City Council would have to approve a resolution prior to May 12, when the trial period is up.