Council Approves Funds to Complete Sagebrush Arts Fundraising for New Space

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The Sagebrush Arts Center has been fundraising for several months, to complete their new space on Sheridan’s Main Street in the renovated Montgomery Building. At last week’s Sheridan City Council meeting, Public Works Director Nic Bateson, presented a resolution for approval to allocate funds to help Sagebrush finish their project.

The total amount requested was $50,000 to be taken out of the City’s One Cent Funds. Bateson explains that Sagebrush is one of the regular recipients of the One Cent Funds.

Bateson did clarify that they had not already given funds to this particular project. During the comment portion of the resolution, members of the Council shared that Sagebrush is a part of Sheridan’s dynamic economy. Bateson echoed those statements.

Bateson continued that supporting these industries will help insure the City’s long term economic development and continue to provide a diverse economy for Sheridan. The Council approved the resolution unanimously.