Council Candidate Responds to Alleged Charges

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The candidates running for Sheridan City Council were guests Wednesday on KROE'S Public Pulse program. While most of the interview consisted of the candidates expressing their views and ideas on the issues facing Sheridan, there was one interesting footnote that was addressed during the program. Ward Three Council Candidate Melvin Krenzelok spoke about safety issues during part of his time on the show, which contradicts the fact that he has several pending charges against him, including a felony count of Third Degree Sexual Assault.

When asked about how his views on public safety clash with the alleged charges against him, Krenzelok responded by saying.

Krenzelok was also asked why he would elect to run for public office knowing that he could possibly be charged with several crimes that stem from incidents dating back as far as 2007, where he simply stated.

All of the interviews with the candidates can be heard in their entirety by clicking here: