Council Eyes Recommendation for Trash Pickup Increase

Vita Quinn with SCS Engineers recommends the city consider raising rates for trash pickup. (Photo by Pat Blair)

A recommendation that the city consider an increase in trash pickup rates was presented to City Council members in a study session Monday night.

The recommendation, from Vita Quinn of SCS Engineers and Utilities Director Dan Roberts, was that the city adopt a five-year plan of annual rate adjustments amounting to just under 3 percent to be approved annually through 2024.

The council took no action on that or any of the other recommendations presented at Monday's session.

The council was also asked to consider combining the Sheridan Recreation District and the city's own parks department, and creating a Sheridan Travel and Tourism Joint Powers Board whose members would include one person each from Ranchester, Dayton and Clearmont, four people from the city of Sheridan and two from Sheridan County.

The council also reviewed a proposed Charter Ordinance 2202 that would replace the existing Charter Ordinance 2158 that establishes the city administrator.

The council earlier appointed a charter ordinance committee to amend the charter ordinance, but City Attorney Brendon Kerns said charter ordinances can't be amended, they have to be replaced. The proposed new ordinance more clearly defines the responsibilities of the city administrator and the mayor.

Also appearing before the council during the study session was Erin Butler, executive director of the WYO Theater, who asked the council to consider forgiving a loan of just over $83,000 made by the city to the WYO.

City councilors listen to recommendations and requests during their study session. (Photo by Pat Blair)