County Accepts Drug Court Agreement

Johnson County's Commissioners, from left: Linda Greenough, Bill Novotny, and Bob Perry.

Johnson County has approved and accepted an agreement for 2017 for Volunteers of America (VOA) to operate the county's Drug Court program.

County Commission Chair Bill Novotny explained during their last county commissioner's meeting that the total amount of the award from the Wyoming Department of Health is just over $81,700 of which roughly $37,400 will be used for the adult drug court program and about $44,300 will be used for the juvenile drug court program.

Novotny explained more about the agreement.

The nearly $82,000 award will mean the county can pay for four adults and three juveniles to participate in the VOA Drug Court program.

The commissioners voted unanimously to allow Chairman Novotny to sign the agreement to accept the award.

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