County Assessed Valuation Up Over Last Year

Local assessed property values are up nearly 7 percent this year according to County Assessor Paul Fall, center. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Sheridan County's assessed values for local property is nearly 7 percent over assessed values for last year.

County Assessor Paul Fall said that's about $417 million. He said the values for state-assessed properties are currently coming in, but he doesn't have all of those figures yet.

He said this year's local assessments are a bigger increase than the county's seen in recent years.

Fall said local assessed values last year were around $390 million. He said he doesn't know what's driving the increase, but there appears to be a lot of new building going on around town.

Fall said Sheridan County receives 12 mills in property tax so the county can anticipate receiving around $4.8 million in local property tax for the coming year – nearly $1 million more than the county received in local taxes for the current fiscal year.

Commissioners heard the news about valuations in their meeting Monday. (Photo by Pat Blair)