County Clerk Explains Municipal Numbers

Sheridan County Clerk Eda Schunk Thompson said her office is still getting calls from voters confused as to why so many municipal candidates are moving on to the general elections in November.

In the city of Sheridan, for example, where one candidate dropped out of the race for one of three four-year terms on the city council, all five of the candidates who ran in last week's primary elections will advance to the November elections, and a place on the ballot will be offered to a write-in candidate.

Thompson said municipal offices are non-partisan, and numbers are dictated by state statute.

She said statute is clear on that point. Also moving on to the general elections are both candidates for a two-year unexpired term on Sheridan's city council, the two candidates for mayor in Dayton, two of the three candidates for Ranchester mayor, and all four candidates for two seats on Dayton's town council.

Jessica Weaver ran unopposed for a seat on Ranchester's town council, and none of the 14 write-in candidates received the three voted needed to qualify for a spot on the November ballot.