County Commission Approves Funding For YMCA Repairs

Johnson County Commissioner Bill Novotny

Johnson County's Commissioners have approved the use of $25,000 of allocated but unused 1% funds for repairs at the city-owned YMCA building.

YMCA Director Mike Qwast approached the commissioners at their Tuesday meeting to make the request for funding.

Qwast explained that during the roof repair work currently being performed, it was discovered that leaks in the windows in the roof over the pool section of the building were causing further damage to the roof. After inspections, it was determined that the windows and rot in the adjacent area needed to be replaced. The contractor also suggested installing snow bars on the roof to keep snow from falling into HVAC equipment installed on the roof, and to keep snow from falling onto people on the ground.

Qwast asked the commissioners for just over $36,000 in funding for the repairs and gave a cost breakdown of the individual projects.

The commissioners expressed their concern over the YMCA getting over $200,000 in funding over the last couple of years, and then putting money towards renovating and opening a new annex building (the “Y” in the park) when repairs were needed at their main building.

Qwast explained that the YMCA thought they had allocated enough funds for the roof and other repairs at their main building, but the damage found needing this funding was an unexpected problem.

Commission Chair Bill Novotny explained that after meetings with City of Buffalo officials, they indicated they had no funding available other than the unused 1% funds, which amount to $25,000.

Although the commissioners were not pleased with using the funds, they did vote 2-1 to allow the YMCA to use the $25,000 in 1% funding, pending the approval of the Buffalo City Council later Tuesday evening.
Commissioner Linda Greenough voted against the use of the funding.