County Concerned With Data Backup Agreement

Concerns over wording in an agreement between the county and Ptolemy Data Systems over their backing up and protection of county data has led the commissioners to authorize Deputy County Attorney Barry Crago to make changes to the agreement and send it back to Ptolemy for their consideration.

Crago explained his concerns over the wording in the original agreement, saying a clause in the contract basically removes Ptolemy from any responsibility if the county's data is lost, which is essentially what the agreement says they are protecting.

Crago explained his concerns.

After discussions, the commissioners approved Attorney Crago to re-write a portion of section 7 in the agreement, adding a form of liquidation of damages clause, an act of God clause, and change the set-up fee Ptolemy can charge for setting the data protection system up, at $3,600.

Crago will make the changes and send the modified agreement back to Ptolemy and wait for their response.