County Crews Busy Repairing Roads

County road and bridge crews will likely be busy through Saturday to repair the worst of the erosion to county roads caused by the recent flooding.

That's according to Sheridan County Emergency Management Coordinator Bruce Edwards, who said the crews have been busy since the warming trend started. As Sheridan Media reported Friday, areas near the west end of the county have experienced run-off flash flooding due to the temperature increase.

Edwards said the major problem has been localized flooding, which is being caused by culverts under driveways and access roads.

Edwards said there's been reports of flooding in the Rapid Creek Road area and concerns about an ice jam up from the bridge. He said other areas of concern include the Beckton Road/Beckton ranch area. He said there were numerous reports Friday morning of scattered, localized flooding throughout central Sheridan County.

Edwards said he's been in contact with the Billings Weather Service office and been told that the warming trend will probably end Saturday with a cool-down. He said when that happens, the snowmelt will start subsiding.

He said he's continuing to monitor the situation, and that he encourages county residents continue to use caution when driving on any county roads. The National Weather Service in Billings issued a flood advisory for the Sheridan County foothills through this morning.