County Drafts Letter to Barrasso on Public Lands

Johnson County Commission

Johnson County Commission Chair Bill Novotny drafted a letter and brought it before the commission for review discussion and action.

The letter will be sent to U.S. Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) concerning public lands in Wyoming, asking him to introduce legislation on behalf of the county and the state.

Commissioner Novotny explains further.

Johnson County's Wyoming Public Lands Initiative Committee (WPLI) gave recommendations on the three Wilderness Study Areas (WSAs) in the county back in 2018.
The county WPLI Committee recommended that all three be released from the study area designation, but had some specific restrictions and recommendations on each area.

The three WSAs in Johnson County are the North Fork and Fraker (Gardner) Mountain areas near Kaycee, and Fortification Creek, which straddles the Johnson/Campbell County line.