County Hears More On Addressing, CMAQ, Trabing Road

Johnson County Road and Bridge Supervisor Scott Pehringer updated the County Commissioners on various projects his department is either doing or overseeing.

Rural addressing is proceeding well, he said, with a couple of issues. There are roughly 800 signs that are missing that had to be re-ordered, which means they have had to essentially start over at the beginning of the project to fill in addresses that were skipped initially when the addressing began.

Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Improvement Program funds were also discussed.
Pehringer explained more about where the bidding process
currently is.

Finally, he touched on the Trabing Road paving over project the county has “piggy-backed” onto a Wyoming Department of Transportation project to help ease costs to the county.
The opening for that bid will be the 13th of this month in Cheyenne and the county will then be able to accept or reject the bid for their portion at that time.
If accepted, the bid will cover the cost of repaving the mile or so of Trabing Road from Old Highway 87 east to Interstate 25.