County Looking To Purchase Man-Lift For New Judicial Center

Johnson County Commissioners

Johnson County's Commissioners, at their meeting this week, discussed the possible purchase of a man-lift for maintenance and cleaning of the new Judicial/Justice Center complex.

The question of how to clean windows, light fixtures and how to replace lights in the upper reaches of the vestibules in both buildings where the lights and some windows are roughly 30 feet off the ground. The county has no way for employees to safely work in that building at that height and the suggestion from the contractor working on the building was to look into purchasing a man-lift to perform those tasks.

Commission Chair Smokey Wildeman explained more about the need for the lift at the meeting.

The lift could be used not only at the new judicial center and justice center, but any other county building as well, they said.

The commissioners chose to wait on a decision until after the Judicial Center project's contingency funds were released back to the county, when they will re-address the possible purchase of the equipment with those funds.