County May Have Record Numbers of New Voters

New voter registrations, or changes in voter information, may have set a record in this year's general elections.

County Election Supervisor Brenda Kekich estimated Monday that just over 2,500 people either registered to vote or made changes in their voter records, such as a change of address, so they could vote in last month's elections. She said that number is higher than it's been since 2008.

Kekich and County Clerk Eda chunk Thompson are preparing a final election report this week so they can get the information to the Secretary of State's office by Dec. 8. Thompson said that's required by statute.

In fact, Thompson said, the current estimate is based on information available as of last Friday morning, with numbers from 19 of Sheridan's 29 precincts. That means 10 precincts have still to be counted.

More than 14,700 ballots were cast in Sheridan County in the 2016 general election.