County Opts to Not Participate in Free Days at Landfill

Commission Chairman Steve Maier, in a meeting of the commissioners with Sheridan Mayor Roger Miller and Public Works Director Nic Bateson, said he appreciated having the landfill service available, but the county is currently in a financially critical time and didn't want to spend money on the free trash day.

The city owns and operates the landfill, and charges a fee to people who bring trash to the facility. But the city provides three days a year when people can bring trash to the landfill at no charge. Those events are Trees for Trash Day, which this year will be on May 6, and a spring and fall clean-up day which, this year, will be May 13 and Oct. 28 respectively. In years past, the county has paid about $15,000 annually to participate in the free days.

Bateson said last year was the first year the county didn't participate. Maier said he thinks the county is going to have a lot less revenue coming in the next biennium, and that $15,000 is going to be important to the county. Commissioner Mike Nickel agreed with the other commissioners, but he said commissioners will continue to work with the city however they can.