County School District 1 Introduces Computer Science This Year

Having looked at how Sheridan County School District 2 is teaching computer science, Sheridan Media reporter Pat Blair has turned her attention to the county's other two school districts. Here's her first story.

With a mandate from Wyoming's Legislature to provide computer science instruction in grades kindergarten through 12 by 2023, Sheridan County School District 1 is starting the process this year.

District School Superintendent Pete Kilbride said the district has been offering computer tech classes, but those aren't the same as computer science.

Kilbride said in District 1's elementary schools in Big Horn and Ranchester, the computer science standards will be addressed in already existing classes. For example, he said, a second-grader might learn computer science standards as part of the science course he or she is already taking.

At the junior high and high school levels, he said, separate computer science classes will be offered this year as electives.

Courses are provided through and CodeHS, and to support this new instruction, Kilbride said, the district sent middle school and high school teachers to Casper for training in, and a couple of staff members were sent for training in CodeHS.

Kilbride said studies nationwide indicate that the jobs of the future will involve some sort of coding. Requiring computer science is an effort to make sure that students get the skills they will need to be successful.