Cowboy Carousel Center Gets VIP Visitors

Bette and Don Largent with the National Carousel Association

Buffalo's Cowboy Carousel and the Carousel Center had some important visitors last week, who stopped by to check on the progress of the project and to help the local group any way they can to make the Cowboy Carousel Project work.

Bette Largent, President of the National Carousel Association, and her husband Don, both carousel aficionados, said they travel all over the country to see various carousels, and this carousel is very dear to both of them.

Bette raised her family in the area, and still has family in northeast Wyoming. She rode the carousel years ago, and has been attached to it since.

She and Don said this carousel is unique because it is the only one with the cowboy theme.

They are following the progress of the project along with the Carousel Association, lending support for fund raising ideas, help with repairs, tracing the history of the carousel, and networking with other carousel people.

Bette was asked what she would say to those locally that may not support the Cowboy Carousel Project.

She and Don both said it will become a community asset.

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