Cruz Backs Lummis in Wyoming Senate Race

2016 Presidential hopeful and current Republican U.S. Senator from Texas Ted Cruz endorsed Cynthia Lummis in Wyoming’s Senate Race. In a statement, Cruz mentioned that Lummis is a strong leader and that she fought to reduce wasteful Washington spending while serving in the House of Representatives. Lummis shared that she was beyond honored to have the endorsement of Cruz who she views as the embodiment of a constitutional conservative.

Lummis served for 8 years as Wyoming lone representative in the house before choosing not to run for reelection in 2016. The seat she is seeking is currently held by longtime Senator Mike Enzi. Lummis has also been endorsed for the spot by U.S. Senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Bill Cassidy, former U.S. Representatives Jason Chaffetz and Michele Bachmann as well as the Club for Growth, Senate Conservative Fund, FreedomWorks for America and the Protect Freedom PAC.