Dayton to Hold Public Meeting on Development Plan

Dayton Mayor Norm Anderson. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Dayton's town council will convene a special meeting next week to present the town's community development plan to the public for review and comments.

The meeting is set for Nov. 30, starting at 7 p.m. at the Town Hall on Broadway Street. Mayor Norm Anderson talked about the plan in an interview with Sheridan Media.

He said the meeting is to get public input and let Dayton residents know what's currently in the plan. He said he's hoping for a big attendance, but he doesn't expect to hear much that's new, because a lot of the input into the plan was made in a survey that the town sent out in September or October.

Anderson said growth is probably one of the biggest items addressed in this year's development plan. He said survey respondents saw a need for controlled growth but not rapid growth.

He said there were mixed emotions about Dayton's Main Street. He said there are some residences still on Main Street, but town officials would like to encourage business growth more than residence growth in the downtown area. He said at this point, the council's interest is in maintaining and developing the town's streets and infrastructure needs. He said the next big project will probably be upgrades to Dayton's sewer lagoon.

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Another shot of the mayor. (Photo by Pat Blair)