Democratic Presidential Caucus Changes

Sheridan County Democrats have rolled out ranked-choice voting for their presidential preference caucus this year.

The caucus will start at 9 a.m. April 4 – a Saturday – at the Sheridan High School Auditorium.

Hollis Hackman, who's chairman of the Sheridan County party, said in addition to ranked-choice voting, Democrats will now have multiple options to participate in the caucus, from participating in the full caucus experience to mail or in-person drop off.

Hackman said each Democrat will have his or her vote counted in up to five rounds of voting regardless of the voting method chosen. Hackman said this process maximizes participation and transparency and ensures every Democrat has an equal opportunity to make their vote count.

Democrats must register by Friday to receive a ballot in the mail.

Hackman said voters should confirm with the county clerk that their registration is active and that their mailing address is correct before Friday to ensure they receive their ballots.

He said caucus participation is open to all Wyoming voters who will be 18 or older as of the general election on Nov. 3.