Department of Ed. To Release PAWS Results Publicly

The Wyoming Department of Education has now made the 2010 PAWS results available to School Districts around the state as well as to the public. The reason for the delay in releasing the results is due to technological issues that were incurred while the testing was being administered last spring. Sheridan County School District Two Assistant Superintendent Tom Sachse explains why the tardiness on getting the results is so disappointing.

Receiving the results this late can almost be described as a “Catch 22” situation.

Sheridan County School District One Superintendent Sue Belish says that they received a very preliminary report in October.

Since the PAWS testing will be done before April 1st in 2011, Belish has posed this question to the Department of Education.

Belish said that having the results prior to the end of the school year would make it possible for schools to use that information for summer school and professional development for staff.