Dinner Theater at Cowboy Carousel Next Week

The Cowboy Carousel Center in Buffalo will be the venue for a dinner theater production next Friday and Saturday.

The play “Exit Laughing” will be performed February 7th and 8th, with after an appetizers starting at 6 each night, followed by dinner at 6:45, with the performance beginning at 7:30 at the carousel center located at 59 N. Lobban.

The play, written by Paul Elliot, will be performed by Carla Bishop, Wendy Martin, Chelsy Mulkey, Kelli Wilson, and Johns Zezas.

The story, according to dramaticpublishing.com, involves four Southern women who enjoy a weekly bridge game when one of them suddenly dies.
The three remaining ladies borrow their friend's ashes for one last bridge game and the evening involves a police raid, a stripper, and the wildest, most exciting night of their lives.

Tickets for the dinner theater are $60 per person and are available at the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce, First Northern Bank, and the Hitching Post Gallery.