District 1 Superintendent Salary, Benefits Set

School District 1 trustees set salary and benefits for the school superintendent Tuesday night. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Sheridan County School District 1 trustees approved the salary and benefits package for School Superintendent Pete Kilbride and approved salary schedules for the district's other employees Tuesday night.

Action came during the trustees' regular monthly meeting.

Trustees Chair Gary Reynolds said the total salary and benefits for Kilbride will be just over $131,000.

Reynolds said there are significant changes in salary schedules this year, and Kilbride said one of the big changes is that employees will now contribute a little over 3 percent of the costs of their retirement.

Kilbride said the district is trying to get more in line with how the state funds the district, and there have been some changes to try to provide more incentive for people to get their masters' degrees.

He said there have also been changes made so the district will be better able to give employees raises. He said salaries have been frozen for six out of the last seven years.

In other action Tuesday, trustees approved the student activity handbook, employee handbook, student and building handbooks and the crisis plan for the year that starts on July 1.

From left, trustees Chair Gary Reynolds and Superintendent Pete Kilbride. (Photo by Pat Blair)