District 2 Implements New Computer Program

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Sheridan's high school and junior high will launch a new program next year called Project Lead the Way.

Mitch Craft, who's the principal at Sheridan Junior High School, explained.

He said students at both the junior high and high schools are already signed up for the classes that start next year.

He said Sheridan County School District 2, which owns the schools in Sheridan and Story Elementary School in Story, have in the past had some introductory computer courses of the district's own design, but Project Lead the Way, quote, “takes our game to the next level.” He said the district has computer courses in the elementary schools, but there's been a gap in the junior high and high schools.

He said the Project Lead the Way course in fact started this year at the high school, and the AP, or “advanced placement,” element will be added next year. He said the number of students who've signed up for the courses has exceeded what the district expected. Teachers will be sent for training this summer. The principal said training for teachers is intensive and puts cutting-edge work into the hands of those who will teach the courses.

The bottom line of the program, according to Craft and School District 2 administrators, is to provide people ready to work in the careers of the future. The principal said these programs are what school districts need to be doing so that when tech firms in Wyoming are looking for new employees, Wyoming people will be ready for those jobs.