Dog Agility Trials Debut at AgriPark

A dog and handler at completion of the course. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Nearly 50 handlers and their dogs competed in the first-ever dog agility trials at Sheridan College's AgriPark Saturday morning.

Jodi Dillard, who organized the event along with Amanda Nelson, said the event was held as a fundraiser for NADAC – the North American Dog Agility Council.

Dillard said she's lived in Sheridan for 12 years, and competed in dog agility for 10. She said there are a lot of agility competitors in the area, including Rapid City and the Montana area.

She said Saturday's show was up to almost 1,000 runs, which was double the 500 runs that are average for a weekend. She said NADAC would like to make the Sheridan trials an annual event, or have more events at different times of the year in Sheridan.

She said dog agility appeals to people because of the partnerships they form with their dogs. She said dog agility has taken off across the United States. She said NADAC will hold agility championships at Gillette's Cam-Plex in the last week of September, and that will draw people from across the U.S.

She said this weekend's trials in Sheridan brought people from South Dakota and Montana as well as Wyoming.

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Another dog and handler leave the course after completion. (Photo by Pat Blair)
Dogs and handlers wait their turns. (Photo by Pat Blair)
A dog waits for the signal to start. (Photo by Pat Blair)