Don’t Worry; Bead Happy

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"Rookie Beader" Laurel Prusak from Clearmont

It was a beading bonanza beneath the Big Horns Saturday as several ladies gathered at the Historic Train Depot in Sheridan for the first annual “Beading in the Big Horns Retreat.”  Karen St. Clair, coordinator for the event, has beaded for ten years.

Beading is all about creativity, community and finding fulfillment.

Sally G. Tibbs-Lapis was there for the retreat with seven other beaders.  She says with just a little bit of effort you can make a gift for yourself or others but emphasizes the need for women
to get together.

Bead work has been found in the Egyptian tombs and at one time was used as a form of currency.  Hopes are to hold a beading retreat annually here in Sheridan.