Fuller Talks About the Tea at the Downton Party

Judy Fuller presented the program for the tea party. (Leslie Stratmoen Photo)

A tea party held over the weekend in Sheridan commemorated the start of the last season of a popular televisions series that takes place in England’s Edwardian period. Leslie Stratmoen stopped by to bring us the report.

Becoming a proper English lady for the afternoon and having a spot of tea brought fans of the Downton Abbey TV show to the Sheridan library’s party.One of the fans there was local music teacher Pam Moore who shared where she’s from and her choice of dress.

Teaching us how to hold our teacup, properly, was the program presenter, Judy Fuller.

And providing some of the history of the time period, which included the First World War, along with Fuller was Tessa Dalton.

Following the presentation, Fuller entertained questions from the audience, which included one from me.

Then the tea was served, complete with pastries, homemade by Fuller, from recipes included in the “Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook.” Which along with the traditional scones, included raisin cake, shortbread and Sybil’s ginger-nut biscuits.

More photos are posted below.

Tessa Dalton presented a bit of English history. (Leslie Stratmoen Photo)
Many came dressed for the occasion. (Leslie Stratmoen Photo)
Including Pam Moore. (Leslie Stratmoen Photo)
And Jean Edmundson who wore her mother's hat. (Leslie Stratmoen Photo)
Ely Rodriguez and Aaron Woslager are big fans of the show. (Leslie Stratmoen Photo)
Kristina Miller, left, said she is, too, and brought her sister, Jessica Anders along. (Leslie Stratmoen Photo)
Terry Bachman poured one more cup of tea for Lois Bell. (Leslie Stratmoen Photo)