Dr. Schueler To BOH: Hospital Full, Shortage Of Nurses

Dr. Mark Schueler

Dr. Mark Schueler has informed the rest of the Johnson County Board of Health that the hospital was recently full, although he was unsure of exactly why, saying their were a “a lot of different things going on” that could be contributing to the high numbers of patients recently.

He said there is a shortage of nurses in the hospital.

He gave his report to the board during their recent quarterly meeting, the first of 2016.

Schueler also reported that this is currently the 11th hour for people to get their flu shots. There has been sporadic activity in Wyoming since the last reporting period which ended last week.
Schueler said flu cases will likely increase from now until the end of the season in the spring.
Flu vaccines usually take two weeks to become fully effective and that is when he estimates flu to become wide-spread in Buffalo and Johnson County.
He suggested those considering getting a flu vaccine to do so soon.

Schueler said he feels he may have to step up his efforts to see fluoride added to Buffalo's water.

Schueler wrapped his report by saying we have entered depression season, and although Wyoming has traditionally ranked high in the National suicide rate, there has been recent improvement.
In 2012, the state was number one in suicide rate, but in 2015 the state was ranked number four.
He applauded the QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) training offered in the community through the Prevention Management Organization (PMO) and suggested more people take the it to help prevent suicide in the community.
He also said the most effective treatment for depression is physical activity/exercise, the more strenuous the better, and is also helpful to have medications and counseling to help with depression as well.
The hope, he said, is to continue Wyoming's slide down on the suicide rate list.